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Dream Weaver

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Stranded in a parallel version of the world they once knew as their home, a seasoned vigilante going by the name of Megara, Meg for short, and her best friend Phila set out to make their way back to The Other Side.

Shortly after their arrival and initially mistaken as foe, they were met by a mysterious woman named Salaria who sought passage through to their world as well for reasons of her own.
The destination all three were after rested beyond the glass of an enchanted mirror that was now broken. According to Meg, who was no stranger to how this mirror-like portal worked, to find the missing pieces served to be the only choice they were now left with.

Retrieving a few pieces of what appeared to be strange crystalline clusters lying about on the floor, Meg handed them to both her friend and newly established acquaintance, demonstrating how they resonated with one another. She then placed one within an empty portion of the mirror frame to which it proceeded to meld itself into and become part of the mirror, revealing that this odd crystal was in fact a piece of the mirror itself.

"It's not much to work with, but it's the hand we've been dealt. Let's play it."

As they were, they were placed within a outstanding tower-like edifice known as The Spiral with its seemingly endless corridors dressed by a vast array of other mirrors that too led to many different worlds. The reality of the task laid out before the three had soon settled in heavily. This was indeed going to be a rather unending and tedious adventure...

They happened upon many friends and enemies during their travels, some old, some new.
Regardless of similarities and differences in ambitions, they all found themselves inadvertently swept up into the same story...

... Because everyone is bound by Hopes and Dreams
I'll blast this music all day. Nobody can stop me.

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